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Case Study

SVI Industries

SVI Industries is a leading manufacturer of sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators.


Compay Name: SVI Industries.
Date: AUG 2019
Website: www.femikare.com
Industry: Commercial Vending Machine
Location: India
Primary Technology: Django, Embedded Linux


The client needed to make their vending machines “SMART”. So as to be able to accept digital modes of payment as an upgrade to their previous model  which would accept only cash.

“Our machines sell better because people prefer digital payment over exact change in vending machines” 

Sandeepan Bhardwaj

CEO, Swaraj Industries

The Challenge

Writing software for unmanned machines present some very unique challenges like:

  • To be able to work fully offline if internet connectivity unavailable to the vending machine.
  • To be able to track user behaviour and return to its original state if user stops interacting.
  • To be able to uniquely identify and control each vending machine, their products and pricing through acentralised admin panel,This is even more challenging because some machines may be offline at any given point of time.
  • To be able dynamically serve video advertisements.
  • Seamless synching of all transaction data and user behaviour to the centralized admin panel for reporting.


The Approach

Though the user interface of vending machine is simple,there are some unique challenges in designing it as it is a touch based non monitored, independent system.

In the first phase, we developed the required models and relations for optimum of storage of data locally



“We used a customer first approach which helped us visualize all the situation which may arise when a customer interact with a machine” 


Backend Developer, Qilin Lab

The Solution

You want to give a step-by-step analysis of how your products or services were able to resolve the initial challenge the client came to you with. Include the strategy you took and how it was implemented. What made your solution unique or best-suited to address this particular problem?

Discuss the rollout plan and include details of how the product was launched to the end user. Did you or your client plan any events or specific marketing campaigns to promote the product? 


The Results

Femikare Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine are the most prefered vending machine in india because of their high reliability most number of payment of options for traditional users and the huge touch screen interface which the users are already familiar with.








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