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Computing power and software’s

Computing power and software’s ability to replace large portions of business processes are rendering many well established businesses vulnerable to disruption. New startups with few assets except a few computers and software are making old techniques of work obsolete. The arrival of AI on the scene has accelerated this trend and many jobs hitherto the domain of humans are at the risk of being eliminated altogether.

Organisations that do not adapt to this fast changing environment shall be left behind. The pace of change is accelerating and it is imperative to keep up with the changes. The businesses that hesitate to accept this reality shall suffer the same fate as erstwhile titans like Nokia, Kodak and Myspace. The arrival of electric cars has put the scare of God into decades old car manufacturers who are rushing to set up new lines of production for electric cars to avoid being eliminated from the race.

Avoiding the short term effort or pain to reorganise today because the business is currently doing comfortably well is the biggest trap anyone could fall into. Stagnancy begets decay & decline.

The time to embrace change is Now. A small amount spent on good advice to move the ship in the right direction shall pay enormous dividends, and not too far into the future either. Well directed consultancy from experienced vendors is priceless. Don’t hesitate.

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Written By Nidhi Saraf

March 18, 2019

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