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Case Study #1

How we helped to upload their own business logic in Excel to their CRM ?

Diamond Star Group Financial was formed in Vietnam. It commenced operations early 2016 in Vietnam and has now operations in 35 locations across the country with four offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho. We provide a digital marketplace for demand & supply.

Diamond star financial services

Date: Dec 2019
Website: www.diamondstarfinancial.com.vn

Diamond Star Financial Services is the fastest growing distribution platform for financial products & services in Vietnam which bring financial institutions and customers together. Which means that their main goal was to get to their customers as soon as possible and provide them the appropriate solution.



The client needed to upload their own business logic in excel format to their CRM. 

The Challenge




We found that the issue was with the coordination between the business person and the IT team depending on the IT team’s competence. .

Hard Coded

The system used hard coded rules for segregation of comparison based on certain conditions.

The Approach



Adding DROOL's API

We changed the system by adding Drools API

Adding DROOL's API

With the help of Drools API, Now the data segregation is done automatically.


1. The complete process is done real time. 

2.This segregation is accurate without human interaction.

3. The business person can change rules and simply upload the new ruled excel to the system. 

4. Automated top cases can verify if the correct campaign is selected

5. Helps in end to end lead allocation automation


Increase In Productivty


Increase IN Sales


Decrease in Meetings


Decrease in Emails

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