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Welcome to the Industrial Revolution 4.0

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest technological advancement which has turned many uncertainties and impossibilities into reality. IoT in simple terms has given remote access to any physical things. Do you forget to switch off the fan, AC, TV, even door of the home when you leave for office? IoT allows you to manage the home/office gadgets remotely and even lock/unlock the door right from anywhere. Qilin Lab even keeps you a step ahead with smart IoT Mobile App development for your Smart Home, office, and workplace.

In other words, we are going through 4.0 industry revolution and IoT will have a huge contribution to it. The industry revolution 4.0 paves the way to Smart Factories, Industrial Equipment, Manufacturing Equipment, and much more. Importantly, the entire industrial sector will be managed by IoT (Internet of Things) in a decade. However, there are sectors that have already adopted IoT that include the agriculture sector, smart home, etc.

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Our IoT App Development Domains

We are living in the smart technology age where we need tech support at every time and every step ahead. Whether you are at your home or your workplace, IoT can make things easy for you.

Do you forget to lock your door, TV, AC, Fridge when you leave for your office? Do want to manage store internal transportation while sitting at the counter? Or, do you want to let your customers find their favourite brands in the store? The IoT has executed your ideas into reality.

Whereas, Qilin Lab offers IoT App Development Services for all IoT sectors. They include;

IoT for Smart Homes

In a simple sentence, IoT apps enable you to manage the TV, Fridge, AC, or other gadgets (which are connected to the internet) and lets you operate it remotely. We at Qilin Lab help you stay smart and build Smart IoT Home Automation to carry out tasks perfectly.

Smart IoT Retail App

Our developer’s expertise enables us to develop a smart IoT Retail App which helps store owners gain access to many things. For example, you can control and direct the robot, keep things in order, direct customers to the location near their fav brands and so much more.

IoT App For Cars

Do you want to stress free travel? IoT connected car can let you find the safest way to reach your destination without getting delayed. Besides, the IoT apps for automotive offers enhanced security features. There are so many innovations there with smart IoT for cars, but many on the way to come.

Internet Of Medical Things

It connects a large number of medical devices and applications through the IT system of healthcare and initiates machine-to-machine communication including monitoring patients remotely through IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) and keeping things managed with smart IoT in Health Care.

Smart Manufacturing

We at I develop manufacturing-related IoT applications. It helps the manufacturer in many ways. For example, it allows us to manage the supply chain, analyze system effectiveness with digital twins, and much more. Let’s manage your business while at home or on the way.

IoT Wearable

We are the best team of developers and we offer you to create the best and reliable IoT app for the wearable. The user can do things immediately and stay better even in a complex environment. IoT wearable manages everything right from your health to fitness and also help you achieve a fitness goal.

IoT for Agriculture

In the coming days, the entire agriculture system is going to be automated. We help you develop a smart IoT Agriculture app that will help farmers in many things such as monitoring field, starting irrigation pump, irrigating crops, sowing seeds and weather prediction, and much more from the IoT App.

IoT for Smart Cities

IoT plays a very integral role in developing smart cities. We help you develop an application for the reliable and efficient result. IoT can save hours of time. For example, if there is a water leak problem were no maintenance engineer available, the IoT can work to stop water from being wasted remotely.

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Qilin Lab is the top IoT Mobile App development company, offering a wide range of applications for IoT enabled industries. Our expert team of developers and designers have over 7 years of experience in their respective fields. They are a quick learner if anything new in the tech industry. Besides, we prioritize our clients and work to achieve clients’ satisfaction. And, that has achieved us our recognition on a global platform.

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With the help of project management tools, we keep our clients informed about the current progress status of the project and that brings transparency to work.

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We believe in a strong relationship with clients and therefore we have a quick support team that will help you with technical and non-technical issues.

Smartphone Integrated IOT Application Development

Understanding the scope of iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android, we help you create a smart IoT app for different applications including Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

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